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360 degrees pertains to the entirety of your marketing efforts. From digital marketing to traditional marketing, social media, word of mouth, and all your marketing assets. It encompasses all that is, quite simply, your brand. 


The viewport is the visible area of the vector image. An SVG image can logically be as wide and high as you want, but only a certain part of the image can be visible at a time. The area that is visible is called the viewport. The viewBox attribute defines the position and dimension, in user space, of an SVG viewport.

360 Viewbox was established in 2019 as a woman-owned, small business, focused on helping other small businesses achieve marketing goals that fit their budgets. Our approach is simple. We build creative and stunning marketing pieces, that drive results, at an affordable price.

Suzanne Williams, Owner & Founder

Suzanne William’s is a Senior level Marketing professional with a passion for implementing and developing effective marketing strategies. With over 15 years of experience in strategy, design, communications, digital marketing, and workflow processes, she brings advanced expertise for improving marketing-generated revenue and brand awareness.

Suzanne holds a Master of Science in Marketing Communications, and a Bachelor of Science in Digital Communications, obtained from Franklin University. She is Google AdWord Certified, and Google Analytics Certified. In addition, she is co-author of a peer-reviewed medical article published in the U.S. Neurology Journal in 2015. Patent Foramen Ovale – Its Correlation with Other Maladies and a Review of Detection Screening US Neurology 2015;11(2):89–95 DOI:http://doi.org/10.17925/USN.2015.11.02.89